Random Cam Story:

What was I thinking, fucking stupid cow. Yes I am talking about me, I walked into it, eyes wide closed, as the saying goes, but what fuck, sit back and let me tell you and see what you think, I promise I will be open, honest, and get right down into the knitty gritty, I wont miss anything out, then you will see just how much of a slut I am.
I was home while my husband was away on a job on an oil rig in India, we had been separated for five weeks and he was due home the following week, but had just informed me by email, he might be delayed as finding men were getting difficult so we would have to suck it and wait see.
Come Friday evening I waited at the computer we normally Skyped each other, using video, so we would have some intimate video to relieve our frustration, so in expectation, I sat in netted stockings and a large smile, with a large Gin and Tonic, not to mention my vibrator, we normally got right down to it as we both needed the connection.
I had just finished the first large one and went for my refill, when I heard the Skype calling sound, so I ran upstairs, dressed in my stockings and accepted the call, and when it answered my husband was not facing me, so I called his name, just as my view of my cam came on showing my bending over the computer table my heavy breasts showing and my face against the webcam.
Suddenly a man appeared and I immediately sat down, showing my bared shoulders only. He was younger than my husband, well spoken and polite, Good evening, you must be Mariel, he said with a smile on his tanned face, Yes I replied, where is my husband, I asked him, perplexed as to why he was calling me, No no Mariel, I did not call, your husband did, he has been calling for ages and it just got through, he had it on auto, I thought about it, and it seemed plausible, it was still in its infancy and still plagued with problems, you chose auto when the call did not connect and it kept trying until a space was available.
As I looked at him I felt strange, he was there beside my husband and I was here nude, though he could not see anything, he must have seen something, especially at the beginning when the cameras came into focus.
Where is my husband now, I asked him, He is showering and he reached for the webcam and pointed it to the bathroom door, In there Mariel, can you here the shower, and I listened and heard the water flowing.
He put the cam back into its place, Hey, its great to see you at last, his smile was disarming, Why do you say that, I asked in return, slightly flattered at his compliment, and a knot in my stomach that I was nude, Well for one you are absolutely beautiful, at which I laughed, and your the first woman I have seen in six weeks.
I sat with a fixed amused smile on my face, he was Hitting on me, I instinctively knew he was, and shook my head in response to his compliment, but it was a new feeling, to be naked and chatting, then he did something out of the blue, he took his coveralls off, as I watched him, and I almost gasped out loud, he had a marvelous looking body, compared to my husbands, but his tight underpants are what took my breath away, and as he came close to the table on his side, my screen filled with his showing, his cocks outline was so obvious and clearly hardening, he was getting an erection chatting with me, then he sat down so we were face to face, Listen I need to go for now, I told him, and he immediately begged me not to go, Please, he will be a short time yet and I really would appreciate some time with you.
On hearing him beg, I kind of sensed what he was getting at, and as I studied his face, he turned to look back at the toilet door, He is still in the shower, so we have time.
I must confess I was shocked at his impertinence and his assumption I was going to turn this Skype into a wanking session with him, a complete stranger, and a work colleague of my husband who happened to be in the shower a few meters behind him.
What are you asking me, I challenged him, trying to show I was completely lost to his suggesting, and as I asked him I saw him move his hand down between his legs, he was wanking himself in front of me, well under the desk and out of my sight, I have to admit at that point I did not know what to do, I was slightly bemused this young guy was doing it, my first internet wanker, and strangely excited he was, I mean I was dressed for such an act, but with my husband, but now a complete stranger had called in, and wanted me to show him.
i knew I had to think fast, my husband was about to emerge from the toilet and catch this guy jacking off, and my image would be on the screen watching him, or I could just sign off and stop it in its tracks, and there was my dilemma, I was excited and I wanted to see what he looked like, I mean, I wanted to see his cock.
Can you be quick, his face screwed up slightly, What, he replied, Can you cum quickly if I play with you, he looked shocked at my bold question, and he genuinely stammered in reply, Yes, then an even more robust acceptance, and in doing so I shifted my cam to show him my breasts and my pussy, and as I did so, he stood up and released his monster and started to wank it.
OMG I gasped at its size, You like it, he said off cam, as his cock filled the screen, large and thick, and circumcised, Do you like what you see, I asked him, looking at my small screen to see how he would be viewing me, both our sex organs were in full view, mine stuffed with my vibrator, I moved my webcam as close as I could, remaining in focus, he could almost see my shaved hair stubble, such was the clarity of the lens, Shall I fuck you Mariel, he asked me, Hes about to cum, I thought, Yes babe, you can fuck all my holes, I take cock everywhere, my dirty mouthings signifying I too was cumming, and we both did, almost simultaneously, his semen spurting forth, triggering my own, and he watched as his friends wife exploded into a body shaking orgasm.
When we both cooled down, we faced each other, coy and smiling, unabashed and unashamed, Wow Mariel, you are the hottest woman I know, I lit a cigarette and took a deep draw, Why do you say that, and he explained he never thought I was like that.
I looked at him and laughed slightly, Bullshit, you were suggesting from the start, think back to what you asked me, he is still in the shower and we have time, I reminded him.
He thought for a moment then his face straightened, Yes you are right Mariel, we have time to talk about my visit to your country and stay with you on part of it,
I felt the blood drain from my own face, all I could muster was a feeble What, and he continued, Mariel your husband asked me to travel back with him and stay at yours, I was not sure you would like me too, so I suggested he or we talk to you first, that is what I meant.
I buried my head into my hands with shame, But you undressed, he smiled, I need a shower, my coveralls have oil on them so I took them off, I am sorry I did not mean to imply anything, then we both laughed, Mariel, he asked me, If I do come next week with your husband, can we do it as you said, Fuck all my holes was reverberating inside my head, I looked back up at him on the screen, we had that momentary pause, I was thinking about his cock, Yes, I said it loud and clear, Yes, all my holes, and at that I disconnected Skype, and went downstairs to get my second poured drink, and as before, Skype started calling, I picked up my drink and answered, this time standing a bit back from the computer, whoever is calling is going to see a woman as God made us, but it was my husband, and I agreed to allow this young Indian man to stay at our home in Sweden, and true to my word, all my holes were available and used without mercy, I am sure he left Sweden with a good idea how Swedish women love sex.

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